Amplify has grown a diverse and engaged nationwide participant pool through a combination of multi-channel social media and networking strategies, project-specific list purchases, in-person events, and on location postings and resources.  In addition to our participant panel, we use these same resources on a project-by-project basis, as the target audience demands. 

Our recruiting ingenuity sets us apart from a traditional market research recruiting partner - we don’t think of our panel as a finite pool for recruiting, just another tool in our arsenal.  Our team is accustomed to tackling difficult projects that require us to do everything from source through targeted Facebook ads or use data that’s been mined from LinkedIn; to cold calling cannabis dispensaries or eliciting rural general stores to post flyers and handouts.  We take whatever path is needed to get the best participants for the project.


Upscale Families

Trendsetters & Opinion Influencers

Tech-Savvy Early Adopters

Kids, Tweens & Teens

Brand Savvy Shoppers

Eco-Conscious Consumers

Video Gamers


Business Decision Makers

Amplify’s experienced team of Project Managers and Recruiters evaluates each project to understand the

heart of your project, beyond the screener, to reliably deliver qualified, expressive, engaged respondents.

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