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We recognize that our clients vary greatly in the level of support they need - from independent researchers who utilize our team as an extension of their firm, to large corporate clients who are looking to us to provide one point of contact to ease their vendor management - Amplify provides an array of support services to help you carry the load.


With our deep understanding of market capabilities, we know where to find crunchy IT Pros (San Francisco) and young parents with SUVs (NOT San Francisco!)


Need a sounding board? Give us a try!  We have a wealth of experience in study design, participant engagement, and screener development.


Amplify creates documentation and profiles unique to your research. We ensure uniform data collection across multiple markets and vendors.


Intense respondent review, quota management, and vendor coordination for day-of needs - we provide meticulous oversight for each detail of your project.



Amplify Research specializes in the smooth execution of complicated multi-phase projects. Using our vast expertise, we coordinate fieldwork,  make recommendations and share our experience candidly.  Comprehensive pricing helps you prepare proposals and turnaround last minute projects with ease. We can quickly get costs to you that cover all aspects of your research, including all markets you’re considering.

Support Services
  • Off-Site Location Setup
    We are adept in setting up all types of off-site studies. If you are looking for a simple hotel setting, or a venue that can accommodate 10 vehicles for your study, we are creative in finding the solution that best suits your needs.
  • Hosting Off-Site & Online
    Our experienced staff acts as a concierge to handle all day-of needs. All of our staff is trained in the nuances of market research as well as the fine art of service.
  • Screener Writing
    Having recruited thousands of studies gives us the ability to develop effective and reliable screeners. One misguided word in one single question can derail a whole screener which can result in less than ideal participants for your study. We love the intricate details of each question so we can pinpoint truly qualified respondents.
  • Vendor Management
    We are able to quickly research and source vendors for any type of study. Whether it's special lighting needed for an in-person study, or a refrigerated truck to facilitate product placements, we find the best resources with your budget in mind.
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