Easily expand your online toolbox with Amplify's Virtual Facility Services.  Amplify's Virtual Facility exposes participants and clients to an authentic qualitative experience when desiring a larger geographical representation, or when in-person research is not an option.

Amplify Research has taken the guesswork out of online meetings by providing easy-to-use solutions and eliminating the need to manage clients in meeting platforms.  No more admitting clients into your meetings and reviewing "meeting protocol" with them, as we move them out of your meetings and into their own videostreaming experience.


Take your client observers out of your research sessions with our familiar browser-based digital streaming service and provide a simple, comfortable, interactive viewing room for thought synthesis. 


Meeting Platform

We provide the tools for a clean and uncluttered experience for participants, as the only ones logged into the meeting sessions are those who belong - the moderator and participants.

When clients are in your meeting, here's what participants see:

Did you know that your participants are privy to how many

people are in your sessions by a click of a button?

Ever have to let observers into your meeting once it's started

disrupting you mid-discussion?

Ever worried that your clients might unmute themselves

or turn their video on during a session?

Or, how about a client accidentally sending a public chat

about specific participants for everyone to see?

Our Virtual Backroom keeps participants focused on the discussion while observers have a front row seat.  Use any meeting tool you prefer, as our observer interface works with any video-conferencing platform.



Amplify's Virtual Backroom pulls observers out of your meeting platform and allows them to view sessions in real time through our familiar browser-based digital streaming service - from any device, including mobile browsers.

No more worrying about admitting clients into your meetings and making sure they have all of the correct settings before you start your discussion.  We take all of the hassle and headache away so you can concentrate on your sessions.

Our Virtual Backroom is compatible with any device, so observers can watch from anywhere.


Chat & Communication

Our chat module allows team members to generate in-the-moment insights and chat transcripts are time-stamped for later review.

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