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Easily expand your online toolbox with Amplify's Virtual Facility Services.  Amplify's Virtual Facility exposes participants and clients to an authentic qualitative experience when desiring a larger geographical representation, or when in-person research is not an option.

Amplify Research has taken the guesswork out of online meetings by providing easy-to-use solutions and eliminating the need to manage clients in meeting platforms.  No more admitting clients into your meetings and reviewing "meeting protocol" with them, as we move them out of your meetings and into their own videostreaming experience.



Our Virtual Backroom keeps participants focused on the discussion while observers have a front row seat.  Use any meeting tool you prefer, as our observer interface works with any video-conferencing platform.


  • The Moderator and Participants join via a tool of choice - Zoom, GoogleMeet, AdobeConnect, etc.


  • Observers have their own Virtual Backroom eliminating the concern for accidental participant interaction


  • Moderators can easily share stimuli with a click of a button


  • Perfect for any type of research, from full-size focus groups to IDI's

virtual backroom

  • Sessions are viewed in real-time through our familiar browser-based digital streaming platform

  • There are no apps to download or software to install - we provide a browser link and secure password

  • Accessible from anywhere, on any device


Document Hub  Virtual Backrooms are customized for each project to include links to access profiles, stimuli, discussion guides, etc. - conveniently all in one place for clients to access digitally in the moment or on the go

Chat Module  Colleagues and clients can openly discuss the research in real-time, collaborate on ideas, and suggest areas to dig deeper 

Chat Transcripts  Time-stamped chat transcripts are available after the sessions so all discussion notes are retained to use for synthesis and feedback during debrief or reporting


  • We tailor or support services to meet your specific needs

  • Our dedicated Host Techs are experts within each meeting platform

  • Comprehensive audio and video tech checks are conducted with each participant and troubleshooting measures are taken to ensure smooth sessions

  • Just like in-person research, our Host Tech keeps you in the loop with who is checked in and who may have unresolved connectivity issues - all done behind the scenes 

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